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Female hormones estrogen progesterone Yarrow Extract

FOB Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: Aksu Vital
Model Number: N/A
Place of Origin: Istanbul, Turkey
Min.Order Quantity: 100 Carton / Cartons
Payment Terms: T/T L/C D/P D/A MoneyGram Credit Card PayPal
Supply Ability: 1000 Carton / Cartons per Month
Packaging Details: Package : 450 g glass jar
Port: Istanbul Turkey

Basic Info.

Other, Alleviate Gout & Arthritis
Albumen Powder
Dosage Form
Oral Liquid

 Product Description

Yarrow Milfoil Paste Honey Herbs Mix Optimum Nutrition

Entire psychological and physical issues which adversely affect the lives of many women around the world are called “premenstrual stress syndrome,” or, “premenstrual syndrome (PMS).”

Although the exact mechanism of PMS is not known, it is a known case that the phytoestrogens, and vitamin B6 to stabilize the hormonal balance that is deteriorated during this period, and diuretics taken to ease the over hydration produce positive results.

Taking phytoestrogens during the menstruation period might help to equilibrate the estrogen balance, thus providing relief of situations such as hot flashes, depressive state, pain, and premature menstruation.

Milfoil (yarrow herb) which displays diuretic properties might as well play a role in exertion of the water accumulated in the body, with the ingredients in the content of the product such as myrtle, thyme, and nettle it might be digestive, and peppermint with menthol it contains might be refreshing, and with two active compounds called hypericin and hyperforin in St. John's Wort, it might be soothing.

Packaging & Shipping

Product NameGrUnits in Carton
Honey-Pollen-Royal Jelly Mixtures (Kids Dose) with Fruit23012
Honey-Pollen-Royal Jelly-Ginseng Mixtures (Normal Dose)23012
Honey-Pollen-Royal Jelly-Propolis Mixtures (Propolis)23012
Honey-Pollen-Royal Jelly Mixtures (Kids Dose)23012
Honey-Pollen-Royal Jelly Mixtures (Super Dose)23012
Untreated Bee Pollen10012
Royal Jelly in Liquid (Unadulterated)2012
Product NameGrUnits in Carton
Honey Herbs Paste with Ginger 450 gr45012
Honey Herbs Paste with Bitter Melon 450 gr45012
BRS Herbs&Spices Mixture with Honey (Bronchitis)23012
BSR Herbal Mixture with Honey (Hemorrhoid)23012
Avicenna Ideal Form Paste (Honey-Herbs Mixture)45012
CAL - Honey-Herbs-Spices Mixture46012
Honey-Bitter Melon with Some Herbs23012
Honey-Herbs-Spices Mixtures For Men&Women45012
PRS Herbal Paste for Prostate 420 gr42012
Bitter Melon in Olive Oil 300 gr30012
Honey Herbs Paste with Ginger45012
Honey-Herbs Paste (with Dandelion)45012
Honey-Herbs Paste (with Hawthorn)45012
Honey-Herbs Paste (with Yarrow)45012

Health Food Products

Standard Flower Honey 850 grVitabon Herbal Drops with Echinacea & Propolis & Honey
Standard Flower Honey 460 grVitabon Herbal Drops with Ginger and Orange
Standard Flower Honey 230 grVitabon Herbal Drops with Eucalyptus and Aniseed
Pine Tree Honey 850 grVitabon Herbal Drops with Lemon and Sage
Vital Flower Honey 450 gr 
Special Flower Honey 645 grHoney-Pollen-Royal Jelly Mixtures (Kids Dose) with Fruit
Organic Flower Honey 450 grHoney-Pollen-Royal Jelly-Ginseng Mixtures (Normal Dose)
Vital Honey BulkHoney-Pollen-Royal Jelly-Propolis Mixtures (Propolis)
Special Flower Honey BulkHoney-Pollen-Royal Jelly Mixtures (Kids Dose)
Standard Flower Honey BulkHoney-Pollen-Royal Jelly Mixtures (Super Dose)
Pine Tree Honey BulkUntreated Bee Pollen
HONEY NUTS MIX SNACKRoyal Jelly in Liquid (Unadulterated)
Honey Nuts 350 gr 
Honey Nuts 720 grHoney Herbs Paste with Ginger 450 gr
POMEGRANATE SOUR SAUCEHoney Herbs Paste with Bitter Melon 450 gr
Pomegranate Sour Sauce 325 grBRS Herbs&Spices Mixture with Honey (Bronchitis)
Pomegranate Sour Sauce 650 grBSR Herbal Mixture with Honey (Hemorrhoid)
Pomegranate Sour Sauce 4000 grAvicenna Ideal Form Paste (Honey-Herbs Mixture)
100 % Pure Pomegranate SauceCAL - Honey-Herbs-Spices Mixture
AROMATIC FLORAL WATERSHoney-Bitter Melon with Some Herbs
Aromatic Thyme Water 1000 mlHoney-Herbs-Spices Mixtures For Men&Women
Aromatic Thyme Water 500 mlPRS Herbal Paste for Prostate 420 gr
Aromatic Aniseed Water 500 mlBitter Melon in Olive Oil 300 gr
Aromatic Lavender Water 500 mlHoney Herbs Paste with Ginger
Aromatic Lavender Water 250 mlHoney-Herbs Paste (with Dandelion)
Olive Leaf Water 500 mlHoney-Herbs Paste (with Hawthorn)
Aromatic Marjoram Water (Origanum Vulgare) 500 mlHoney-Herbs Paste (with Yarrow)
Aromatic Sage Water 500 mlMOLASSES GROUP
Aromatic Peppemint Water 500 ml 
Aromatic Rosemary Water 500 mlCarob Extract-Molasse 680 gr
Aromatic Rosemary Water 250 mlSpecial Juniper Molasses 640 gr
Natural Rose Water 250 mlSpecial Carob Molasses 640 gr
Natural Rose Water 500 mlSpecial Mulberry Molasse 640 gr
Aromatic Chamomile Water 500 mlSpecial Grape Molasses 640 gr
Aromatic Stinging Nettle Water 500 mlSpecial Date Molasses 640 gr
Aromatic Jasmine Flower Water 250 mlRegular Mulberry Molasses 800 gr
Aromatic Cinnamon WaterRegular Mulberry Molasses 450 gr
Aromatic Clove Water Regular Grape Molasses 800 gr
Aromatic Eucalyptus WaterRegular Grape Molasses 450 gr
GROUND ITEMSRegular Carob Molasses 800 gr
Carobic Instant Carob Powder Drink for KidsVinegars
Fito Form Powder 
Ground Flax Seeds  200 grApple Cider Vinegar 
Ground Grape Seeds 250 grGrape Vinegar 
Ground Black Seed (Nigella Seed) 200 grHoney Apple Cider Vinegar
Ground Carob Powder 200 grDate Vinegar

Food Supplements

Food Supplements / Dietary Supplements / Nutritional Supplements

Shiffa Home Brand Food SupplementsAvicenna Brand  Dietary Supplement
Chitosan Effervescent Tablet Fitoform Weight LossPROPOLIS CAPSULE Natural Antibiotics          
Bee Propolis in Capsules Natural AntibioticsFORM 60 CAPSULE Herbal Weight Loss           
Bitter Melon+Propolis+Herbs in Caps. Stomach HealthAVICENNA FORM 120  Natural Lose Weight
Ginkgo Biloba in Capsules MemoryGINGKO BILOBA CAPSULE Memory Booster     
Ginseng in Capsules RELAX CAPSULE  Anti Stress            
Relax Herbal Mix in Capsules No StressST JHON'S WORT CAPSULE     
Artichoke in Capsules Liver MDA CAPSULE Liver Health               
St. John's Wort in CapsulesBETADON CAPSULE  (BSR) Hemorrhoids          
Spirulina in Capsules Weight LossMIFOREX CAPSULE(MGRANDE) Migraine 
Valerian Root in Capsules Sleeping AidREMIFRAU 30 CAPSULE  Menstrual Pains      
Hawthorn in CapsulesBALSAM CUCUMBER           
MEDAN MDA (Milk Thistle-Dandelion-Artichoke) in Capsules        POLLEN CAPSULE              
Nigella Seed in Capsule ImmunityGRAPE SEED CAPSULE         
UPR Herbal Mixture in CapsuleGARLIC CAPSULE             
CETAVIN CTV Herbal Mixture in Capsule DiabeticsMILK THISTLE CAPSULE       
PERST PRS Herbal Mixture in Capsule Prostate Health       VALERIAN ROOT CAPSULE Sleeping Pill     
BERKAP BSR Herbal Mixture in Capsule HemorrhoidsNIGELLA SEED CAPSULE Immunity Booster          
FerroVitec Herbal Mix in Capsul (Blood making)      POWMAX AKSUVIT Vitamin Tablet 30         
Bynmix Capsule Menstrual PainsPOWMAX AKSUVIT Vitamin Tablet 90     
PANAX Ginseng Mixture in CapsuleRED GINSENG TABLET        
Epimedium Capsule (Aphrodisiac)GLUCOSAMINE MSM TABLET    
Fitoform in Capsules 670 x 90 capsules Slim FitNEW PRODUCTS
TABLET GROUPBiotin 5000MCG Tablet
Red Ginseng TabletsVITAMIN B12 1000 MCG TAB
Glucosamine+Chondroitine+MSM Tablet Joint HealthCALCIUM+MAGNESIUM+ZINC+VITAMIN D3 TAB
Aksu-Vit (Ginseng+R.Jelly+Pollen+Vitamin C+Propolis+Rosehip)PROPOLIS Capsules
Vitamin B12 - Ginkgo Biloba Tablet LIQUID PROPOLIS 50 ML
Omega 3-6-9 1000 mgGINOSEL SJEL Performance Enhancer
Omega 3 500mg softgels Fish OilVENNA SJEL Cardiovascular
Omega 3 1000 mg VENNA 30 SOFTJEL Cardiovascular
Black Seed Oil 500 mg softgels Habbatus SaudaHERBAL SYRUPS
Black Seed Oil 1000 mg softgelsMixed Fruit Omega 3 Syrup
AL BARAKAH - Black seed oil capsule (softgel) 500 mg BlisterProvitec Syrup Vitamin Syrup
AL SHIFFA - Olive Oil in Capsule (softgel)Dropper
Olive Oil softgel 1000 mgGAZERO Gas Remover Oil for Babies       
Pumpkin Seed Oil Softgel ProstateSpray
Safflower Oil Softgel Weight LossBOSPREY Throat Spray
Pomegranate Seed Oil Softgel 1000 mg softgelsFoot Spray with Propolis Extract
Garlic Oil Softgel TensionBEE PRODUCTS
Bitter Melon Olive Oil Softgel 1000 mg softgelsBABY DOSE Honey Herb Mix
Coenzyme Q-10 Softgel 1000 mg softgelsNORMAL DOSE WITH PROPOLIS 
Flax Seed Oil 1000 mg softgelsNORMAL DOSE WITH GINSENG
PROCBA ProViteC Kids Syrup for Immune Syst. 100 mlSPORTS PRODUCTS 
FerroVitec Blood Making SyrupF1 Formula Creatine Premium in Powder Orange    
Multamin MultiVitamin&Minerals Syrup 100 mlF1 Formula Creatine Premium in Powder Chocolate
Omega 3+ DHA+EPA Syrup for Kids Peach FlavoredL-Carnitine Gel (for Sportmen)
Liquid Propolis Extract 50 mlL Carnitine Tablet 500 mg
Liquid Herbal Extracts 
Artichoke Liquid Extract 
Licorice Liquid ExtractBlack Seed Liquid Extract
Carob Liquid ExtractOlive Leaf Liquid Extract
Beet Liquid ExtractGinseng Liquid Extract
St. John's Wort Liquid ExtractTurmeric Liquid Extract

Herbal Tea Bags

Herbal Tea Bags

Herbal Tea BagsWeight x GramsPacks/Carton
Apple Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
Blackberry Tea 20 teabags2,0 gr x 20 12
Chamomile Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
Common Wormwood Tea 40 teabags1,5 gr x 406
Echinacea Tea 20 teabags1,75 gr x 2012
Fennel Tea 20 teabags2,0 gr x 20 12
Fitoform Tea 40 teabags2,0 gr x 406
Fitoform Tea with Apricot 40 teabags2,0 gr x 20 6
Ginger Tea 40 teabags1,5 gr x 406
Green Tea 20 teabags2,0 gr x 20 12
Hawthorn Tea 40 teabags1,5 gr x 406
Linden Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
Melissa Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
Nettle Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
Nursing Mother 40 teabags1,75 x 406
Olive Leaf Tea 40 teabags1,5 gr x 406
Peppermint & Lemongrass Tea 20 teabags2,0 gr x 20 12
Rosehip Tea 20 teabags2,0 gr x 20 12
Rosemary Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
Sage Tea 20 teabags1,0 gr x 2012
Senna Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
St. John's Wort Tea 20 teabags1,5 gr x 2012
Thyme Tea 20 teabags1,20 gr x 2012
Willow Herb Tea 40 teabags1,5 gr x 406
Winter Tea 40 teabags2 gr x 406

Company Information

Address Kavakli Mah. Kuzey Cad. No: 5 , Beylikduzu - ISTANBUL / TURKIYE  
Tel 00 90 212 671 55 47 (Pbx) 
Fax00 90 212 671 55 28 
ContactMr. Sadik Yuksel Export Manager  
Status of the Company Manufacturer & Exporter
Year of Foundation 1989                          Production Site (M2): 10.000 M2 Covered Area.                  
 Natural Food Products
 PRODUCTS1) Honey Group : Polyflora Honey, Pine Tree Honey, Chestnut Honey, Organic Honey, Vital Honey
2) Molasses : Grape Molasses, Mulberry Molasses, Carob Molasses ,Juniper Molasses, Apricot Molasses,Date Molasses
3) Herbal Tea Bags : Apple Tea, Blackberry Tea, Chamomile Tea , Common Wormwood Tea , Echinacea Tea , Fennel Tea , Slimming Fito Form Tea, Ginger Tea, Green Tea, Hawthorn Tea , Linden Tea, Melissa Tea , Nursing Mother Tea, Olive Leaf Tea, Peppermint & Lemongrass Tea, Rosehip Tea ,  Sage Tea , Senna Tea , St. John's Wort Tea, Thyme Tea , Willow Herb Tea, Winter Tea
4)Herbal Aromatic Floral Waters: Aromatic Thyme Water , Nettle Water , Chamomile Water , Rose Water , Lavender Water , Aniseed Water , Rosemary Water , Sage Water , Marjoram Water , Olive Leaf Water , Peppermint Water, Rose Water Spray , Lavender Water , Rosemary water Spray , Jasmine Flower Water Spray. 
5) Slimming Products Group: Avicenna Forms in Paste & Powder , Herbal Slimming Tea , 
6) Api Therapy Products : Unadulterated Creamy Royal Jelly , Untreated Bee Pollen in Granules , Bee Propolis.
7)Herb+Spices+Honey Mixtures : Power Pastes for adults & Kids. Honey+Bitter Melon+Some Herbs Mixture (especially for gastritis , stomach patients) for Bronchitis & Hemorrhoid complaints , Weight-controle Paste etc. 
8)Vitality Products : Honey+Pollen+Royal Jelly+Ginseng+Propolis Mixtures for Men , Women and Kids.
9) Ground Products : Ground Grape Seeds , Flax Seeds , Nettle Seeds , Nigella Seeds (Black Seed) , Milk Thistle , St. John's Wort etc..
Food / Dietary / Nutritional  Supplements
1) Tablets :  
Korean Red Ginseng Tablets, Glucosamine+Chondroitine+MSM Tablets,  AksuVit Tablets (Ginseng+R.Jelly+Pollen+Vitamin), Biotin Tablets, Vitamin B12 Tablets, Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc + Vitamin D3 Tablets
2) Capsules : 
Artichoke Extract Capsules, Bee Propolis Capsules, Bitter Melon + Propolis + Herbs in Capsules, Berkap Capsules (Yarrow Extract), BYNMIX Capsule (Black Cochosh Extract), CETAVIN Capsule (Bilberry Leaf Extract), Epimedium Capsule (Horny Goat Weed Extract), FerroViteC Capsules (Grape Seed Extract), Fitoform Capsules (Herbal Weight Loss), Ginkgo Biloba Capsules, Hawthorn Capsules, MEDAN Capsules (Milk Thistle + Dandelion + Artichoke Extract) , Nigella Seed Capsules, PANAX Ginseng Capsules, PERST Capsules (Saw Palmetto Extract) , RELAX RLX Capsules (Melissa Extract) (Spirulina Capsules, St John’s Wort Capsules, UPR Capsules (Reishi Mushroom Extract) , Valerian Root Capsules, Bee Pollen Capsules, Milk Thistle Capsules
3) Softgels: 
Black Seed Oil Softgels, Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels, Omega 3-6-9 Softgels, Garlic Oil Softgels,Pumpkin Seed Oil Softgels, Flax Seed Oil Softgels, Grape Seed Oil Softgels, Safflower Oil , Softgels, Pomegranate Seed Oil Softgels, Olive Oil Softgels, Coenzyme Q-10 Softgels
4) Syrups & Sprays :
 ProViteC Herbal Syrup for Immune System , Omega 3 Fish Oil Syrup , MultiVitamin Syrup for Kids , FerroViteC Vitamin Syrup ,   
Herbal Care Products
1) Natural Herbal Oils:
 Allspice Oil , Aniseed Oil , Apple Oil , Apricot Kernel Oil , Argan Oil , Avocado Oil , Balsam Oil , Basil Oil , Bergamot Oil , Bitter Almond Oil , Black Pepper Oil , Black Seed Oil (Nigella Seed Oil) , Blue Anemone Oil , Buckwheat Oil , Cabbage Oil , Calendula Oil , Camellia Oil (Tea Seed Oil) , Cardamom Oil , Carrot Seed Oil , Castor Oil , Cedar Wood Oil , Celery Seed Oil , Centaury Oil , China Oil , Cinnamon Oil , Clove Oil , Cocoa Oil , Coconut Oil , Coriander Oil , Cumin Oil , Cypress Oil ,  Dill Seed Oil , Emu Oil Refined Type B , Eucalyptus Oil , Evening Primrose Oil , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Fennel Oil , Fish Oil (18/12) , Flax Seed Oil , Frankincense Oil , Garlic Oil , Geranium Oil , Ginger Oil , Grape Seed Oil , Grapefruit Oil , Hazelnut Oil , Horse Chestnut Oil , Jasmine Oil , Jojoba Oil , Juniper Oil , Laurel Leaf Oil , Lavender Oil , Lemon Oil , Marula Oil , Melissa (Balm) Oil , Milk Thistle Oil , Monarda Oil , Myrtle Oil , Nettle Seed Oil , Nutmeg Oil , Omega 3 Fish Oil %18 EPA %12 DHA   , Orange Oil , Paprika  Oil , Parsley Seed Oil , Patchouli Oil , Peach Kernel Oil , Peppermint Oil , Pomegranate Seed Oil , Poppy Seed Oil , Pumpkin Seed Oil , Red Sandalwood Oil , Rice Bran Oil , Rose (Otto) Oil , Rosehip Seed Oil , Rosemary Oil , Safflower Oil , Sage Oil , Sandalwood Oil , Sesame Oil , Soybean Oil , St. John’s Wort Oil , Sweet Almond Oil, Tea Tree Oil , Terebenthine Oil , Thyme Oil , Trout Oil , Vanilla Oil , Vetiver Oil , Violet Oil , Walnut Oil , Wheat Germ Oil , Wild Mustard Oil , Ylang Ylang Oil
2) Care Oils:
 RMT oil (for Rheumatism) , Hair Care oil , Skin care oil , BSR oil (for Hemorrhoid) , Anti-Cellulite oil , Sun Block oil , Cabbage oil for adults and Gas Remover oil for Babies , 
3) Soaps :
 Fibrous soap with Honey & Royal.Jelly , Apricot Oil Soap , Nettle OilSoap , Bittim Oil Soap, Almond Oil Soap , Sulphur Soap , Laurel Oil Soap
4) Creams :
 Care creams with Honey & Royal Jelly , with Blue Anemon , with Apricot oil , with Almond oil and Synake Eye Contour creams , Grape seed cream , Snail cream , Calendula Cream , Limon kernel oil-Cream , Day care cream. 
5) Shampoos :
Honey Royal Jelly Hair Care Shampoo, Olive and Daphne Oil Shampoo , Nettle Oil Shampoo , Ginseng and Garlic Shampoo , Keratin Shampoo , Argan Oil Shampoo , Herbal Complex Shampoo , Juniper Oil Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil
Online Catalogs AVICENNA  Herbal & Food Supplements 
SHIFFA HOME Natural & Herbal Aromatic Oils 
SOFTEM  Natural Caring Series 

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